My Advice to Upcoming Law Students

It’s nearly August, and upcoming law students across the country are carefully preparing for their first semester of law school (or the 1L year, as it’s commonly referred as). I graduated 27 years ago from the University of Puget Sound School of Law with a Juris Doctorate degree. Although it’s been a while since I’ve been… Read More

What Should I Do After a Sports-Related Accident?

As a Taekwondo black belt who also competes in Olympic sparring, I’m very conscious of my health and wellbeing along with my fellow competitors’. Taekwondo strengthens both the mind and body, teaching you how to properly use technique and form for self-defense while causing the least harm on yourself. Through practicing Taekwondo, I’ve seen firsthand… Read More

Washington Bicycle Safety Laws and Your Rights

May is National Bike Month. Here in the Pacific Northwest, bicycling is both a popular means of daily transportation and a great outdoor activity the whole family can enjoy. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or the occasional cruiser, it’s important to be educated on Washington State bike laws before heading out the door this summer. Unfortunately, there are unavoidable dangers… Read More

Wyland’s “Washington Orcas” Masterpiece Graces Tacoma’s Historic Bowes Building

We are lucky to be graced with an original Wyland mural on the side of our new EPIC building in downtown Tacoma.  Not only is the mural a beautiful reminder of the nature that surrounds us living in the Great Northwest, it is also one of only a handful of murals Wyland has painted around the world.  The next… Read More

Teaching Martial Arts to Kids with Autism

As a volunteer instructor with Northwest Taekwondo and the YMCA, we don’t select our students.  We accept anyone, young or old, who wants to learn more about martial arts.  Many of my students are happy and healthy young people.  Others are kids with specials needs, including Autism and Asperger’s.  These kids bring unique joys and… Read More

Welcome to My Blog

My name is John Christensen and I’m a proud partner of Evergreen Personal Injury Council. Welcome to my personal blog! As a Personal Injury Attorney, my specialties include motor vehicle accident cases and medical negligence claims. Some of my greatest successes include a number of multi-million dollar settlements in cases involving medical malpractice, government supervision,… Read More